Straight Wall Steel Building Models

straight wall gable symmetrical steel building structural diagram

Rigid Frame Clear Span Steel Building Model:

The rigid frame clear span steel building from The Steel Building Store is used when the floor must be clear of all posts or supports. This style of metal building is ideal for gymnasiums, aircraft hangers and showrooms. The do-it-yourself steel building kit from The Steel Building Store makes construction a snap!

unsymmetrical straight wall steel building diagram

Unsymmetrical Eave Steel Building Model:

The unsymmetrical eave steel building is another popular option when construction calls for unobstructed floor space. Recreational spaces and warehouses benefit from this design. The asymmetry allows for a functional division of your metal building structure.

Diagram of lean to add on; steel wall structure.

Lean-To Steel Building Model:

The lean-to steel building from The Steel Building Store can provide a cost-effective way to increase the size of your current structure or an optional add-on to your new metal building. The lean-to steel building provides excellent do-it-yourself steel building solutions for office parks, shopping centers and building complexes.

Single slope steel wall building.

Single Slope Steel Building Model:

Another popular option for offices, shops and building complexes is the single slope steel building model. This metal building is advantageous where directional drainage is a priority. The Steel Building Store' single slope metal building provides superior one-way roof drainage.

Large scale multi-span staight wall steel building.

Rigid Frame Multi-Span Steel Building Model:

The Steel Building Store' multi-span steel building provides the maximum footage at the lowest price, using columns for internal support. Factories and warehouses benefit from the cost-effectiveness of these metal buildings.