Metal Buildings By The Steel Building Store

Structural details of steel frame building.

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The Steel Building Store offers pre-drilled metal garages.The Steel Building Store offers pre-drilled metal buildings in civic use. Xtreme Buildings Systems offers pre-drilled metal buildings for farm use.The Steel Building Store offers large scale pre-built barns.

Easy to Build DIY Straight Wall Steel Buildings

The Steel Building Store offers the best do-it-yourself steel building solutions for low maintenance, high quality steel structures. Do you need a new store or office? barn or garage? storage for large vehicles or just enough for your mower? With 25 years combined experience, The Steel Building Store provides the best possible metal building at the lowest possible price with uncompromising safety and quality.

Steel Building Plans & Kits

Our steel building kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and stamped blueprints. The Steel Building Store are the best in prefabricated steel buildings and can be tailored to suit your specific load requirements and design needs. Everything from garden sheds and home offices to recreational spaces and hangers can easily be constructed from our do-it-yourself steel building kits.

Metal Buildings Backed by U.S. Steel

Buildings from The Steel Building Store have a 20-year rust perforation replacement warranty from the manufacturer. Backyard garden sheds and industrial warehouses both share in the protection of U.S. Steel. The bolts securing our metal buildings have the industry’s highest rust-resistance rating.

Great Deals on Metal Buildings

The Steel Building Store keeps on top of the latest trends in the steel industry to give you the best price advantage in metal buildings. Our competitive rates and our versatile DIY steel buildings offer great deals for every budget and project. Contact us to find our more about factory-direct savings and clearance specials.

Multi-purpose Straight Wall Steel Buildings

The Steel Building Store have made the best and most economical structures for a wide variety of construction projects, serving every sector of industry. Metal buildings are everywhere and their versatility of structure means they are as attractive and functional for the home and community as they are for industry. Steel buildings from The Steel Building Store are truly at home anywhere.

Uses for Do-it-yourself Steel Building Kits:

Agricultural metal buildings: Industrial metal buildings: Commercial metal buildings:
Community metal buildings: Metal buildings at home:
Emergency equipment metal building shelter.